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Sure, you can watch a video or look at photos of Aruba, but to really get the island culture, you have to come feel the white sand on your toes, dance to the steel drums and sip a cool beverage on the beach. With so many things to do, you'll have to plan carefully to fit it all in. No matter how you choose to experience Aruba, there's more here than you might expect.

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Dande Festival

Events and Festivals
In Aruba’s biggest traditional musical event, more than 50 singers accompanied by typical musical groups present their original compositions and lyrics as well as the traditional Dande song.

New Year's Plunge

Events and Festivals
"Unox Nieuwjaarsduik" or "New Year's Plunge"at Moomba Beach is the best cure for a hangover. Plunge into our turquoise ocean for the New Year!


Betico Day

Events and Festivals
Official holiday in memory of G.F. (Betico) Croes. We commemorate the birthday of the late Aruban political leader, Gilberto François (Betico) Croes.

Betico Croes Memorial Run

5:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Betico Croes hometown of Santa Cruz sponsors an amateur road race through hilly terrain.